Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Sight Words Learned Today


Other Skills We're Learning

Upper case 'G' and 'M’
Concept of word
Left to Right Reading

Things to Watch out for

Today your little reader will learn 2 sight words.  These two sight words will be the basis of your student's learning and will build your students confidence.

Our philosophy for teaching reading is 1)  Build confidence.  Get excited and show enthusiasm that your student can read the words good, morning!  If you reinforce nothing else, just reinforce them reading their new words...practice, practice, practice.

Learn how to teach the upper and lower case letters using the document directions below.  Today we will just focus on the Upper and Lower case G and M.  In addition,  Letter G and M alphabet pages will help reinforce your teaching.

Again -what is most importance is confidence....  make sure your student can read Good, Morning and excited to share with others!

Have your little reader read to their stuffed animal, to their dog...and to Grandma on the phone!

Need more practice? Here are more downloads and videos

Good Sight Word Minibook

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Morning Sight Word Minibook

thumbnail of morning-sight-word-minibook

Directions to teach the upper and lower case letters

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Letter M Alphabet Pages

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Letter G Alphabet Pages

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More Letter M Practice Pages

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