Learn how you can teach reading,
your reader has special needs, struggles, or speaks English as a second language,
You have NEVER taught reading before.

Are you afraid that your little reader will never read?

I was too. I’d love to show you how you can help your little reader to smile again.

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Take 15 minutes each day and do the reading lessons with your little reader


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Take 15 minutes each day and do the reading lessons with your little reader, then say goodbye to reading frustration and say hello to reading confidence.

Hi, I’m Meeghan and this is my mom. We want you to be the hero who helps your little reader experience reading smiles.

I remember how scared I was for my daughter as I watched her struggle and cry with frustration at the thought of reading. Fortunately, my mom, a reading teacher with 30 years of experience, knew just what to do. My mom showed me it was not only possible, but easy, to teach reading.
You see, I asked her to help me teach reading. She took me to her basement and she pulled out an entire reading curriculum she had written to help struggling readers. It was so easy to teach reading, I put the entire program online…

It has definitely changed our lives!

“We are having so much success with your program so far! We are on day 7, and my son loves it. He is a 5-year-old homeschooled kindergartener. Before it was like pulling teeth to get him to do his reading and within a minute he was in tears or saying his “mouth hurt” from trying to read. With this, he’s excited to start and focused throughout the whole lesson. He is really reading the words and has so much confidence. We are very pleased with the program and thankful for it! It has definitely changed our lives!”
 –Ann Marie,
homeschool mother